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After several decades of experience working for other potting media and soils manufacturing companies, our team of experts took their experience and moved into the growing wave of pioneers creating unique, premium quality potting media. Now, we supply big and small nurseries from Homestead to Jacksonville out of our main 20-acre facility in Okahumpka. Located on CR 470 just off the turnpike, we are strategically situated in Central Florida for efficient shipping throughout the state and close access to our quality peat bogs. Our focus is providing our customers with premium quality materials with the highest level of service at affordable prices. From custom media for indoor foliage liners to 100-gallon tree containers to rooftop gardens to topdressing for sports fields, if there is a job requiring substrates for growing-we do it. There are a lot of variables to growing plants and our experienced and knowledgeable sales team works with growers to provide the right media for the right situation. Southeast Soils is here to help you grow well.