professional growers.

Premium quality. Excellent customer service. Great prices.

A craft producer of potting media and soil blends.

We seek out and produce the highest quality components and additives
to ensure we provide our customers with the most optimum media possible.

Custom-blended media.

Highest quality compost.

Disease suppression.

Specializing in Customized Potting Media and Quality Organics Composting

Southeast Soils (SES) is a family-owned and -operated horticultural supply company specializing in premium quality potting media and soil amendments for Florida’s horticulture, agriculture, and turf grass industries. With our main focus on professional grade potting media, we work alongside growers to custom tailor mixes best suited for their growing needs. We have a great team in place with years of experience and education in the industry committed to providing excellent customer service and delivering quality media at a cost savings to our customers.

We promise to make a positive impact
on the Earth every single day.

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